Cognitive Linguistics: The Mind and Brain Aspect of Language Acquisition


Wednesday, May 18, 2022


04:00 PM America/Sao Paulo

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Language is a communicative tool that is constructed based on social interactions triggering, then, our higher functions. 

Cognition then is responsible for the comprehension of the language we are exposed to, for the generalization of new constructions and understanding of the propositional aspects of the language. 

Usage of language is the origin of grammar constructions and exposure to prefabricated language accounts for the model that infants hear. In this webinar we are going to explore the cognitive aspects of language acquisition when we discuss Michael Tomasello, Ewa Dabrowska, Ronald Langacker, Lightbown & Spada and many other cognitive linguists."


Rodolfo Mattiello

Rodolfo Mattiello holds a BA in Languages of Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas, Masters in Applied Linguistics of the University of Edinburgh specialized in Language Acquisition under the Usage-based perspective with interest in Cognitive Linguistics, specialization degree in Lesson Planning of University of Oregon, Education Technology for EFL Classes of Iowa State University and he also co-authored the book ‘Formação de Professores’ (Paco Editorial). Founder of Mattiello Consultoria Acadêmica, a center for teachers’ development and BELíngue, an online language school, Rodolfo has also been working with language teaching since 2002 and he is also a post-grad Professor at PUC Paraná. He also contributed to Blog Disal, New Routes and EFL Magazine with several articles.